Saturday, December 26, 2009

Something Fishy

Happy Boxing Day everyone! Oh, and sorry it's a bit late but Merry Christmas, y'all! I know I'd not had the chance to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season as yet but better late than never, I always say!

So yesterday I met my pa and his wife for Christmas lunch a McCormick and Schmick's.  The Mrs. had the Sea Bass — she loves Sea Bass — and I had the Rainbow Trout off the daily menu. All in all a good meal and we easily ate all the delicious fish.  I shall miss Sea Bass.

Ironically, the fish came with mashed potatoes when the previous night's lamb also had done.  As i was, I had those bacon bits sitting in my fridge and though, why not turn Outback's mashed potatoes into bacon mashed potatoes.  So I had eaten that for Christmas breakfast — why not — only to have more mashed potatoes at lunch.  Well, as mashed potatoes typically are vegetarian — as long as bacon isn't involved — I suppose that's not the last I'll be eating that dish.

As it was, I didn't eat much on Christmas and saved the defrosting cod fish filets for today.  The thing was, I baked the encrusted cod for the prescribed 17 minutes and then went to run sum errands.  When I finally got back and tried the cod I was grossly disappointed!  The Mrs. said the fish had leaked and run all over the oven because I neglected to use a casserole dish.  As it was, the cod was dry and rubbery.  Far from having a tangy garlic flavor as indicated on the packaging, the flavor of spinach pervaded it.  Now, normally I love a properly prepared spinach dish.  But on this fish, it just tasted wrong.

Either way, I finished the last fish of 2009 today and thus the last fish for the next 12 months at least.  I do like fish, so I shall miss it.  I guess I'm saddest most that I shan't again savor the delicious Toro Sushi.  Certainly there's no time to partake in that delicacy before next Friday.  For that matter, no Kibbeh Nayyeh either.  Sigh.


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