Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Countdown Begins

It's not quite 2010 yet so I'm still of a carnivorous mind and am hoping to expel all of those savage cravings before the turn of the calendar year.

The thing is, not all of my desires can be sated in the few weeks remaining to me.  Take for instance the savory Schwartz's Deli in my beloved Montéal, PQ, Canada!  Much as I'd love to pop up to St. Laurent Boulevard for some delicious Viande Fumée, a commute of 962.6 km is a bit much for this type of craving.  Raté!

Then, there is the story of Chima.

Now me, I love a buffet. That's probably why I'm 3 ½ stone overweight — man I miss the gym! I also love a good steak!  Now, combine that with a Brazilian ambiance, gauchos at your beck and call and a salad bar with delicacies beyond imagination and you've got Chima!  Now, Chima doesn't come cheap!  An average meal is going to set you back an Ulysses S. per person!  The only time I've been able to eat there, I filled my belly with such succulent and mouth-watering flesh beyond all description to the point were I could not even sample it all.  For one thing, the Fillet Mignon was far too big and I felt guilty leaving such perfect meat.

Ever since then I've been desperate to get back.  But the first time we visited, we had a coupon that lead us to believe the cost per person was in fact $100, not what we now learned to be half.  So recently, when my Mrs. discovered this price drop, she lit up my eyes with the suggestion that she'd like to return.  That was 3 weeks ago.  Each weekend we plan to go, something comes up that stops us.  And now with the 2010 date looming I'm afraid the day will come and I'll have to ask her to go with someone else because, after all, what's a Vegetarian going to eat at Chima!?

I may sound like I'm regretting a shift to Vegetarianism, but I'm not.  You see, I decided to become a vegetarian for a year because of various reasons.  No, it's not because of animal cruelty.  I don't see anything wrong with eating lesser animals as long as they are killed humanely, as in the preparation of Kosher foods.

In fact, the seed were planted this past Thanksgiving.  You see, I have some Vegetarian friends that we were considering breaking bread with this year and this put me in mind of thinking about the type of dietary restrictions they piously follow.  As this kernel of an idea fomented in my mind, I started to get uncomfortable consuming the holiday bird.  Ironically, though, it was not due to the idea of cruelty to this animal that unsettled me; it was the gore of the act of picking meat from bones and extracting sinewy tendons from the flesh.  This image is what initially drove me toward Vegetarianism.

Then, there's the simple health benefit.  In fact, a disgusting bird isn't going to turn me off meat.  Heck, I wanted to get a Turducken this year and still would love to try one.  Heck, for that matter, I'd love to try a Turgooduckenail!

What's a Turgooduckenail?

Why, it's:
  • A boneless Turkey
  • containing a boneless Goose
  • containing a boneless Duck
  • containing a boneless Chicken
  • containing a boneless Quail!
Sure, it's not the decadent Rôti Sans Pareil of French legend, but at least none of the birds are endangered.  Ironic, too, that here I have created a blog about vegetarianism and yet it's more likely if anyone links to this blog post it's people wanting to find out more about this sinful creation, the Turgooduckenail! Trompé!

Anyway, so here I am on the cusp of an exciting and frightening, radical change in my life.  Will vegetarianism take?  Only time will tell.  But it's probably insightful if this post is any indicator that it may not hold and come 2011 I may jump ship and go back to my voracious meat consumption.

So I set myself a year to be good: 12 months, 52 17 weeks, 365 days.  And if I feel a moment of weakness, I just need to focus on the end.  But then again, vegetarianism may stick to me, or my body may develop an adversity for animal flesh.  It's not like that's never happened before.


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